About Us

Mission Statement

Bestwood Agency is dedicated to creating unique, individual mental health treatments. Our philosophy is to support the client’s recovery and provide continued growth that promotes independence and self-sufficiency. Bestwood Agency strives to offer innovative and flexible services that will allow people to discover and pursue the best options for them in their ongoing recovery process. The primary goal is to help clients identify, and minimize or eliminate personal barriers that could be inhibiting their ability to manage their illness and day to day lives.

Bestwood Agency History

Bestwood Agency was established in St. Cloud, MN. Founded as a residential treatment program for adult men and women recovering from mental illness, we provide care and treatment for those in need and continue to do so. The program services are designed to complement and effectively utilize the existing mental health system, and when possible, fill in the gaps for individuals with needs beyond the traditional system.



Referrals for Bestwood Mental Health Services come from many sources, including community hospitals, jails, Behavioral Health and Targeted Case Management, Housing Shelters, Care Coordinators, self and/or family, and many others.